Gaslow 6kg Twin Cylinder LPG Kit – Fitted


Gaslow Twin Auto Cylinder LPG Refillable Gas Tank Kit comes with 2 x 6kg

Gaslow systems and kits come with everything needed for the most comprehensive and professional installation.

These automatic changeover kits means that when one bottle is empty it will auto switch to the second tank.

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Product information

Gaslow Refillable Cylinders

Why struggle connecting, lifting and carrying heavy gas bottles and then pay 50% more for the gas than you have to? Then when you travel to Europe and you run out of gas, it becomes a nightmare as you cannot even exchange your empty cylinder for a full one!

By installing a Gaslow Refillable Cylinder System, you can simply pull in to one of thousands of LPG stations throughout the UK and Europe and fill up just like you would your car.  Not only is the gas much cheaper, you will never waste any gas and you can simply top up your cylinders at any time – you only pay for the gas you use!

GASLOW R67 REFILLABLE CYLINDERSThe NEW Gaslow R67 Cylinder has been designed and tested to meet the R67 tank standard. The R67 standard is more stringent than that for refillable cylinders and as such the new bottle is the ideal gas solution for your motorhome or caravan.

– 80% Overfill Protection
– Over Pressure Relief Valve
– Filter prevents impurities in the gas entering the system
– Excess Flow Valve restricts gas if hose ruptures
– New improved mechanical contents gauge
– 10 year warranty
– Tested and approved to the R67 tank standard

The R67 cylinders are compatible with the entire range of Gaslow Refillable components.


The standard range of Gaslow Refillable cylinders were designed in 6kg and 11kg sizes specifically to fit all Caravans and Motorhomes.

6kg Version

Capacity (80%): 11.5 litres
Height: 460mm
Diameter: 246mm
Empty Weight: 8.15kg
Outlet Connection: 21.8LH thread


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