Westfield Snowdon Porch Awning


Durable poled awning for all year round use.

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Product information

The Snowdon is a luxury poled porch awning that is built with strength and stability in mind. Everything about this awning is designed to allow it to stand up to the elements. So much so this awning can be used as a permanent pitch awning.
It features the luxury HydroTech Cotton Touch fabric which is an all weather, premium fabric that will last for years. The high performance coating on the fabric gives its extremely weatherproof rating and helps protect it and you from the harmful U.V. rays. The full PVC roof is extremely durable and hard wearing. The frame is strengthened and extended to give it extra stability. It really is built to last and can be used at any time of the year and for extended periods.
The Snowdon is 340 cm wide and fits vehicles from 235 – 250 cm in height. As the Snowdon is a porch awning the awning slides into your awning channel as normal, but then slides round to the flat part of your awning channel. It then comes down the side of your caravan (or other vehicle). The Snowdon can go down over a window, but you may not want to as this stops your window from being able to open and can leave a gap underneath and on top of the window. So for the best fit , first measure the flat part of your awning channel and this is your maximum length. Then decide where the awning can go (either including or excluding windows) and this gives you, your best size. The canvas and frame are packed seperatley which makes moving and storing the Snowdon easier as it splits up the weight and packed sizes. As the Snowdon is a poled awning the canvas is easier to pack down and away than its air rivals, as without the air beams inside the canvas you’ll find it easier to fold and roll away into its carry bag. The full sizes and dimenions are shown below.

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