COVID-19 Servicing Information

Please find a list below of the most current advice from the supporting manufacturers with regards to leniency on service date parameters in relation to warranties during the current lockdown.


3 month either side of purchase date.


We are implementing the same rule as the previous lockdowns whereby we are offering a 3 month extension to habitation service requirements. This is fluid and we will keep reviewing this based on any future government announcements over the coming weeks.

Auto Trail

Following the announcement of the UK lockdown, we will extend the requirements by 2 calendar months. This will hopefully provide the opportunity to reschedule any cancellation you have had to incur


2020 Service Window Extension In order to accommodate customers who have been unable to get their vehicle serviced this winter we have taken the decision to extend the due date of the 2020 annual vehicle service by a further three months.

This means that anybody scheduled to have their caravan or motorhome serviced from October 2020 to March 2021 will now have an additional six months in total to do so. Provided the vehicle is serviced in this extended window, then the warranty will remain valid.

The additional three month window extension applies to all vehicle services during the warranty period. This will mean owners of vehicles requiring their third or six year annual service will therefore, as a gesture of goodwill, potentially enjoy an additional six months on the term on their manufacturers’ warranty or bodyshell integrity warranty.

Whilst, at present, the COVID-19 restrictions in place across the four home nations may differ this service window extension will be applicable across the whole of the UK if required.

The date of the 2021 annual service will however need to be brought back in line with the anniversary of the original date of purchase. This will mean that the required interval between 2020 and 2021 annual services may well be less than twelve-months in order for the warranty to continue to be maintained.


All annual services which were due between 1st November 2020 to 31st March 2021 can now be carried out anytime up until the 30th June 2021.


We understand that the restrictions currently in place may affect your customers ability to present their vehicle for a pre-booked annual habitation service.

During this period, we will not penalise customers for a late service, provided that the service is carried out as soon as possible and by the latest service due date detailed on the following table.

Service Due Date Latest Service Date
Jul 20 Jan 21
Aug 20 Feb 21
Sep 20 Mar 21
Oct 20 Mar 21
Nov 20 Apr 21
Dec 20 Apr 21
Jan 21 Jun 21
Feb 21 Jun 21

Customers must also be advised that any future servicing requirements must be correctly maintained and the timescale between services must not exceed 14 months. Assuring you of our best attention at all times. Please take care and stay safe.

Customer Care Department Erwin Hymer Group UK Ltd


Annual Service Delays due to the COVID-19 situation. The Swift Group recognise that the impact of the COVID-19 virus public restrictions may have delayed your planned annual service of your caravan or motorhome. To avoid any unnecessary pressure we are allowing all customers whose service was due between 1st September 2020 and 30th April 2021, additional time, up to an extra 7 months to complete an annual service. Please note that there is no need to notify the Swift Group to claim this extension, because we will apply this extension automatically ensuring that your warranty remains unaffected.