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Let us sell your caravan or motorhome

We want your caravans & motorhomes

Let us take the stress and hassle away from selling your caravan or motorhome, which can be a complicated selling process. With most buyers looking for full inspections, warranties and finance to aid the purchase, many prefer to buy from an established dealer rather than from a private individual.

Greentrees offer you two clear options to sell:

1. We can simply buy your caravan or motorhome for a cash price

We can help settle any existing finance, and sometimes often collection from your door. Payment will be made via bank transfer with a full purchase contract for your records.

2. If you are looking for a little more money than the cash price offered, we can sell your vehicle on your behalf.

We will discuss and agree a price by setting a return figure for you.

Example sale on a vehicle valued at £10,000

After valuation we agree to pay you £10,000 once sold. We market the vehicle at a higher price, say £11,500. Regardless of the end sale price, it being £11,500, or £11,000 etc you still get the £10,000 we promised you.

Our costs are covered in the money we make on the sale price, there is no commission charged to you, you are paid via bank transfer once the vehicle is sold and collected by the new owner.

Contact us now to find how much we could offer you. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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