Families and couples with smaller caravans seeking a discreet solution for their weekend privacy should consider caravan porch awnings. Almost half the size of a full awning, it provides discretion and security whilst being easy to erect and ideal for the no-nonsense camper.

A number of best selling caravan porch awnings are available from Greentrees Adventurestore, boasting designs that are built for strength and durability whilst being super light for easy assembly by all ages.

The basic porch awnings can also be fitted with optional inner tents to provide an increased sleeping space for other guests such as family and friends. Should you decide to purchase one of the cheaper models it is important that you ensure your caravan has enough straight awning rail to accommodate your chosen awning.

Somewhat more luxurious caravan porch awnings have become sought after for their lightweight fibreglass frames and maximum flexibility. These awnings are more ideally suited towards bigger caravans where owners do not necessarily wish to use full awnings but still require the essential features such as ease of erection, removable panels and the option of a sleeping annex.

There are designs to cater for all tastes, with models providing panoramic front windows for holidaymakers to enjoy views whilst being sheltered from the elements. Caravan holidaymakers can use their caravan porch awnings from early spring until late autumn, with weatherproof covers and seals.

Caravan and camping customers will want a product that is more than capable of dealing with the inevitable extremes of a typical British summer – for smaller caravans these porch awnings fit the bill entirely.