Frequently Asked Questions

Can my car tow the caravan I am looking at?

We can check for you for FREE using the NCC tow safe website. Not only will we tell you if you car can legally tow the caravan, we will also tell you if it can safely tow it. Call our sales team on 01362 696434 with your registration number for assistance.

Do you service the caravan/motorhome before we collect it?

Yes indeed we do. Our technicians give the caravan/motorhome a thorough Inspection inside and out to ensure your caravan/motorhome is ready to use from collection day, this PDI covers more than a std service and even includes minor items such as catches and latches function.

How much experience do you have?

Our staff have over 70 years combined experience. Neil Greentree the MD has been dealing with caravan and motorhomes over 30 years with his brother Justyn having over 17 years experience of caravan bodyshop techniques. Marc Jordan our dealer principal has been here 20 years, Steve Roberts, one of our valeters has been with us over 24 years!! We are well experienced across the board.

Can we have any extras fitted to the caravan?

We have an extensive list of extras which can be fitted to your caravan by our qualified technicians ready for your collection day. It is possible to increase specification with such items as air con, satellite, mains sockets, usb chargers, even on board wifi !

How long will I have to wait before I can collect?

We can usually have the caravan or motorhome ready for you within 2 weeks. This can sometimes be earlier if needed. This can however vary if we are waiting for a new caravan to be delivered from the factory.

Is this vehicle the right one for me?

Our sales team will offer you professional advice and give you tips and ideas, helping you decide if the caravan you are looking at will work for you and your needs.

Will my caravan need servicing?

We strongly recommend your caravan is serviced annually. This is a warranty obligation on new caravans. Regular servicing reduces the chances of major problems occurring and keeps your caravan roadworthy and safe. However there is no legal requirement to have a habitation check.

Do I bring my caravan/motorhome back to you for servicing?

You can do by all means. We have a 8 bay state of the art workshop. If it is more convenient we have mobile service vans on the road which can come to your home , permanent pitch or even storage facility. All we need is access to water and power.

How much does insurance cost?

We can put you in contact with specialist caravan/motorhome insurers who will quote you. Insurance tends to cost between £200-£300 per year depending on personal circumstances. Sometimes even less…..

Can I buy my caravan/motorhome on Hire Purchase?

We can offer you hire purchase at extremely competitive rates meaning that you can spread the cost of your dream making it very affordable indeed. We can usually give you a decision within five minutes. These terms are available from 1 year to 10 years due to the strong residual values of the product, subject to status.

Do you fit towbars?

We do not touch the car whatsoever but we can put you in contact with very high quality and competitive towbar fitters in your area. See our towbar partner page on our website.

Will it cost a small fortune to start caravanning?

Not at all, you can buy a caravan suitable for the whole family from as little as £3000 , we stock vehicles between £3,000 – £60,000 all in one depot.

How much additional cost is there after purchasing the caravan?

That’s up to you depending on requirements. We supply a starter kit from around £250 with the essentials in it. You can build up as you go along.

Will the value of my caravan/motorhome decrease dramatically after purchase?

Caravans/motorhomes hold their value very well indeed in comparison to cars etc, during the staycation boom, they have even increased value across a 2 year period.

Can I bring my pet with me to Greentrees?

Yes we welcome dogs as we are mostly dog owners ourselves, we have on site lockable kennels to keep your pet safe, dry and watered, we also allow dogs in the shop building. We do not allow animals onto the vehicle sales ground, with the exception of guide dogs.

How many miles to the gallon can I expect from a motorhome?

With modern motorhomes you can expect around 28-34 mpg during motorway driving and around 25mpg during town/urban driving.

If I purchase a vehicle from you, will you show me how it works?

Absolutely, we will arrange a collection day to suit you. When you arrive we will spend as long as it takes with you showing you how everything works. From front to back, inside and out. You will leave with confidence. This typically takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

Do your staff go caravanning themselves?

They most certainly do. Some staff have their own caravans, our chairman and MD both have a motorhome and we happily loan other staff vans regularly.

Are your caravans/motorhomes viewed by appointment?

Our caravans/motorhomes are left un-locked so you can view them at your leisure. We are always on hand to point you in the right direction but we do not pressure sell.