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Expert caravan towing tuition

Think you know how to tow? Think again!

If you’ve towed for a number of years it’s understandable to think ‘Why do I need towing tuition?’. So if we were to ask you ‘What is the highest windspeed you will go towing in? 20mph, 30mph, 50mph? You may struggle to find a confident answer!

If that’s the case then you WILL gain something out of our exclusive ‘Towing Better’ one day towing courses. Directed by our very own caravan expert Neil Greentree, you receive some of the most advanced towing training available in the UK. The difference is we put the science behind the technique of towing. Our teaching methods are easily remembered as we don’t use repetition to teach – we use simple methods that will pay dividends every time you tow – whatever the conditions. Our expert towing 1-1 tuition with Neil Greentree covers all aspects of modern towing, from the Law, to a two hour practical ‘on road’ driving session.

What’s covered

Towing confidence course
5 hours of expert 1-1 training including a two hour theory teaching towing law, safer loading and towing specific driving skills to avoid difficult towing situations.
Towing practical
A 1.5 hour practical ‘on road’ towing session with our towing expert beside you. This covers both A road and urban environments.
We teach you how to easily reverse in a straight line over 50 meters.
Extra tuition
Additional tuition on corner reversing or extra ‘on road’ practical can be booked once this course has been completed.

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Courses are 1/2 day, available all year round and start from just £209.
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