Fitting an Awning Guide

Ensuring a smooth setup

The most important step when choosing an awning is selecting one that fits. Here are a few pointers to ensure nothing postpones you enjoying those picturesque moments.

Measuring for awnings

Find the “A Measurement” – the outline of your caravan’s side profile.

  1. Start by lowering your caravan and ensuring it’s on level ground.
  2. Take a long piece of string. Starting at one end on the ground, thread the string through the awning channel to the adjacent side. Again, ensuring you touch the ground.
  3. Once you’ve marked the length from end to end on the string, straighten it out and measure the distance.

Awning sizes cover approximately 25cm spans, so if your “A measurement” is 927cm, for a Dorema Awning you will need a 925-950cm size.

Porch and canopy awnings

Similar to full awnings, the measurements here are just as essential, but you’ll need another measurement to ensure that snug fit.

Measuring for porch and canopy awnings.

  1. Ensure your caravan is on level ground.
  2. Measure from the ground up to the highest point on the rail. You will need this measurement alongside your “A Measurement”.
  3. Don’t rely on the measurements found within your caravan manual. Often, as this is usually the shipping height which will include any domes or aerials on the roof.
  4. Measure what you have in a STRAIGHT run of awning rail. This measurement will be the maximum width porch awning your caravan can accommodate. Before you take this measurement look at the side of your caravan and visualise where you would like the awning to sit. Obviously, include the doorway, but take into account any windows as you may want the awning to fall short of these. Finish your measurement to this point. This will be your ideal porch awning width.
  5. Most porch awnings are advertised with a brand and model name followed by numbers, for example the Kampa Rally Air Pro 390. The number indicates the length of straight rail required for that awning, so in this instance you would need 390cm.
  6. Most porch awnings will fit caravans 235-250cm high. However, you’ll need to check the size, as it can vary. You’ll also have the option of steel or lightweight framing. Steel gives extra strength, while lightweight offers you more flexibility, particularly with larger, full awnings.

Motorhome awnings

Motorhome awnings are classified by various types and styles. Dependent on your motorhome, there are several different measurements required to ensure a seamless fitting.

On hand to help

Ensuring the right fit for your touring home is incredibly important. That’s why, at Greentrees, we offer a free measuring service so you can have complete peace of mind knowing your new awning will fit just right. Full fitting services are also available to ensure a worry-free setup.

To find out more, contact us

The basics

If you are tempted to fit an awning yourself, like the others, you’ll need to measure both the length and height of your vehicle.

Take into consideration:

  • The location of any storage compartments – you’ll need to make sure your awning doesn’t obstruct any entry points or restrict their use.
  • Windows and vents – incorrectly measuring your awning can result in the prevention of important sources of light and ventilation entering your vehicle.

With motorhomes, there are predominately two types of rail you’ll find.

  1. ‘C’ Rail
    ‘C’ Rails allow you to fit awnings with a round beading along the edge. These drive-away awnings can be secured using a fixing kit which contains a ‘Kador’ strip and figure of eight sections to hold your awning in place.
  2. ‘J’ Rail (Alternatively ‘rain gutter’ or ‘drip rail’)
    Much like the ‘C’ Rail, the ‘J’ Rail uses figure of eight sections to attach the beading of the awning to the rail on your motorhome. This clip system allows the drive-away awning to be easily and quickly mounted, and dismounted, when required.

Not all motorhomes come with an awning rail ready attached. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have one fitted. Although fairly straightforward, the process does require some drilling into the side of your vehicle, so we advise having a professional, like our team at Greentrees, fit these for you.

Full awnings

All new full awnings purchased from Greentrees come complete with canvas, frame, curtains, draught skirt and pegs.

At Greentrees Caravanstore it’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct size awning is ordered, but we’re always happy to help guide you through the process.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email for further advice.